What is the reason for restricting the project to 6 houses?

This is based on the housing need survey completed by Devon Home Choice completed in 2014 and updated in July 2017 indicating that There are currently a total of 12 households on the Devon Home Choice register living or working in the three parishes. It should be noted that not all of these households may wish to continue to live in the three parishes or may not have the local connection. However, the numbers have increased from 7 in the 2014 survey which could be down to increased publicity and awareness of the affordable housing project. None of the above households is included in the 2014 survey figures so there are a possible 3 further households which are in housing need across the 3 parishes.

Northeligh PC have also requested that there is a covenant put in to say only 6 homes can be built, as this is all they have agreed to be built at the site.