How does the CLT ensure that homes are prioritised for local people?

If the Community Land Trust builds on an exception site (i.e. a site adjacent to the community’s settlement boundary where housing development would not normally be permitted), then a legally binding planning agreement (known as a Section 106 Agreement) is that the homes must be prioritised for local people. It is only on this condition that planning permission would be granted and of course this accords completely with the CLT’s ethos.  As the freeholder, the CLT would be party to this legal binding planning agreement and this means that it could not be changed without the CLT’s consent. If the homes are built within the settlement boundary, the CLT would require a similarly binding planning agreement to be put in place. The CLT also works with its HA-partner and North Somerset Council to put an allocations plan in place which details the criteria by which people are deemed to have a local connection i.e. the minimum length of time they should have lived or worked in the village, or had family connections here.