Project Timeline


March 31

PROJECTED DATES – March 2019 – Land Purchase and lease completed

March 30

PROJECTED DATES – March 2019 – Planning Determination

February 28

PROJECTED DATES – November 2018 – February 2019 – Section 106 agreement negotiated with East Devon District Council

November 30

PROJECTED DATES – November 2018 – Submit Planning Application to East Devon District Council

November 7

PROJECTED DATES – November 2018 – Public Meeting to consult on detailed design

October 31

PROJECTED DATES – October 2018 – Agree Option on Land Purchase

September 30

PROJECTED DATES – September 2018 – Apply for and secure Community Housing Fund Grant

August 31

PROJECTED DATES – August-November 2018 – Detailed Design Stage

July 25

PROJECTED DATES – July 2018 – Open Meeting to feedback Feasibility work

October 19

CLT Board Meeting – Grant Application Made

19 October 2017 At the October CLT meeting it was confirmed thatThe Upper Coly Valley Community Land Trust was in the process of making a grant application to East Devon District Council for £6,500 to cover administrative expenses and to fund the legal services involved in acquiring the site, entering into a lease with Teign Housing and negotiating a Section 106 Agreement.
October 9

CLT SGM – Election of the Board

09 October 2017 In line with the Rules of the Upper Coly Valley Community Land Trust a Special General Meeting was held at Farway Village Hall on 9th October 2017. At the meeting the appointed founding members of the board stepped down to be replaced by members re-elected by the membership. At teh following Board Meeting on 19th October 2017 the Board elected the positions of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer as well as a member..Read More
September 7

CLT Board Meeting – Architectural Consultant Briefed

07 September 2017 Trewin Design Architects were invited to attend the Community Land Trust Board meeting held in September. The company has been selected to develop the feasibility design for the housing proposals once funding comes through. They will not be appointed until the grant  is received. The Board briefed the architect regarding the site and size of properties that might be built there, suggesting that a combination of 2 x 1 Bedroom properties, 3 x 2..Read More
August 1

CLT Board Meeting – National Community Buildings Fund Granted

01 August 2017 The National community buildings fund have confirmed that they will make a grant for £8,968.00 (later updated to a payment of £10,000) to the Upper Coly Valley Community Land Trust. A solicitor has also been confirmed to undertake the Option Agreement, Freehold Transfer and the Section 106 Agreement. It was also agreed to invite Liam Denny (a local Northleigh resident who is also an architect and developer) to take up the vacancy..Read More
August 1

CLT Open Meeting

31 July 2017 A meeting was held at Northleigh Village hall to encourage members to join the CLT, to find a new board member to join and to reassure the residents that the proposed affordable houses will be for local people or people who work in the villages and to explain the organisation and operation of the Community Land Trust. Minutes of the meeting can be found here. Questions and Answers raised at the meeting..Read More
July 31

Devon Home Choice Housing need Figures Updated

31 July 2017 At the open meeting held at Northleigh Village Hall Devon Home Choice updated the Housing need figures for Farway, Northleigh and Southleigh. There are currently a total of 12 households on the Devon Home Choice register living or working in the three parishes. Northleigh – 5 households resident Southleigh – 1 household resident Farway – 6 households, 5 resident and 1 working in parish Devon Home Choice noted that not all of..Read More
June 21

CLT Board Meeting – Teign Housing Association Chosen

21 June 2017 At the CLT meeting of 21 June 2017 Teign Housing were chosen as the Housing Association Partnership to be worked with in the development of the Chilcombe Field site in Northleigh.  Teign Housing manage over 3,600 homes across South Devon, from Dartmoor National Park to the urban centres of Newton Abbot, Teignmouth and Dawlish. Teign employ over 80 members of staff and are a registered charity governed by Board of Management. The..Read More
June 21

CLT Board Meeting – Founding Board Appointed

21 June 2017 The founding Members of the Upper Coly Valley Community Land Trust following its incorporation in May 2017 elected The following board members as:   Chair – Willy Rich Treasurer – Richard Hare Secretary – Lynsey Skinner Founding Member – Charlie Worrall Founding Member – Stefanie Kastner Board Member – Arthur Stevens Board Member – Steve Snell Board Member – John Reed   The board also established that the maximum number of board..Read More
May 18

The Upper Coly Valley Community Land Trust Incorporated

18 May 2017 The Upper Coly Valley Community Land Trust is incorporated with the Financial Conduct Authority as a Community Benefit Society with Number 7557
May 17

CLT Steering Group Meeting – Housing Association Meetings Arranged

17 May 2017 Two expressions of interest were received from Housing Associations interested in partnering with the Upper Coly Valley Community Land Trust from Teign Valleyy and Hastoe housing. Meetings are to be arranged with both associations and visits to their projects. EDDC have also advised that they would like the Wessex Community Land Trust Project to administer the grant application process for funding. Two applications will be submitted, one for £10,500 to cover feasibility..Read More
April 5

CLT Steering Group Meeting – Housing Association Partnership Heads of Terms Agreed

5 April 2017 The Housing Association Partnership Heads of Terms document explains the whole project and, once agreed by the Upper Coly Valley Community Land Trust, will be sent to suitable housing associations by way of inviting expressions of interest in becoming the Community Land Trust’s partner. The method of rent setting was discussed; something that has been in place since the Comprehensive Spending Review of 2010. Rents are set at 80% of the market..Read More
April 5

CLT Steering Group Meeting – Feasibility Work Tenders

5 April 2017 The Wessex Community Land Trust Project reported on the quotations that have been obtained for carrying out feasibility work and submitting a planning application. These will provide the basis for the application for grant to EDDC. Once the grant had been received and Upper Coly Valley Community Land Trust can be incorporated. It was recognised that the ground investigation will be important to detect and areas of backfill but, in other respects,..Read More
March 2

CLT Steering Group Meeting – Incorporation Documents signed

1 March 2017 Documents to incorporate the upper Coly Valley Community Land Trust Limited with the Financial Conduct Authority were signed by the steering group to be submitted. The sale of a proportion of the the Chilcombe Field site suitable for 6 affordable homes has been agreed with Northleigh Parish Council for £3,000 per site plus £1,000 for legal expenses. A draft of the Heads of Terms for a Partnership with a Housing Association were..Read More
January 26

CLT Steering Group Meeting – The Upper Coly Valley Community Land Trust

25 January 2017 The meeting agreed that the name of the Community Land Trust for Farway, Northleigh and Southleigh would be the Upper Coly Valley community land Trust. The Draft Heads of Terms for the sale of the site by Northleigh Parish Council to the Community Land Trust had been drafted by the Wessex Community Land Trust Project for review and discussion at the next meeting. It was also  noted that there are covenants on..Read More
December 24

Government unveils £60 million annual Community Housing Fund

23 December 2016 The CLT can now apply for a grant for the feasibility work, and also (through its HA-partner) access capital grant to pay for rented housing. The Government has recently announced a funding stream of £60m per annum for supporting groups like the Upper Coly Valley CLT and this is being distributed through local authorities. EDDC have received a substantial allocation. The fund is very flexible. The current proposal is that WCLTP will..Read More
December 10

CLT Steering Group Meeting – Accommodation numbers agreed

9 December 2016 The meeting discussed the accommodation to be located on the site. The aim was to develop a scheme with 6 grant-funded affordable rented homes: 2 1beds, 3 2beds and 1 3bed. It was also agreed to place a short report outlining the establishment of the CLT in The Link local parishes magazine to communicate the process to the wider community.                         ..Read More
November 17

CLT Steering Group Meeting – Widworthy Splits Away

16 November 2016 The Geographical boundary and the distinction between the Parishes of Farway, Northleigh and Southleigh in comparison to Widworthy led to a decision been taken by the steering group to form two separate CLTs rather than a single entity for the four parishes. This decision was supported by Devon Home Choice’s updated Housing Demand need that showed an increase in the Affordable Homes need for the area. The revised figures highlighted 18 homes..Read More
August 30

CLT Steering Group Meeting – Volunteers requested to set-up the CLT

30 August 2016 The meeting reviewed the geographical boundary of the CLT and its possible name. It was considered that In landscape terms, Widworthy is detached from Northleigh, Southleigh and Farway. EDDC’s planning policy identifies Northleigh, Southleigh and Farway as naturally grouped parishes with Widworthy being grouped with Offwell. Because there is no apparent interest in affordable housing in Offwell, it is understood that the four parishes have been linked in order to demonstrate sufficient..Read More
August 24

CLT Steering Group Meeting – CLT Legal Form discussions

24 August 2016 The meeting discussed that a Community Land Trust must conform to a legal definition, and that this limited the choice of legal forms available to adopt. The CLT must be incorporated, be not-for-profit, own assets for the benefit of a defined community, be open to membership for those living and working in the defined community, and be controlled by the members. The three legal forms that are suitable are a Company Ltd..Read More
July 19

First Steering Group Meeting to Set Up the CLT

19 July 2016 In July 2016 a steering group was established with representatives of the four parishes, East Devon District Council, Devon Rural Housing Partnership and the Wessex CLT Project with the purpose of: forming a Community Land Trust; exploring the options for an affordable housing project (for people with a local connection in perpetuity); recommending an option to the wider community; and, if the community supports the recommendation, to work with suitable housing associations..Read More
November 17

How the Community Land Trust will work

16 November 2015 In November 2015 a meeting was arranged by the four Parishes of Farway, Northleigh, Southleigh and Widworthy to discuss the possibility of setting up a Community Land Trust for the area. A representative from the Wessex Community Land Trust Project advice service attended the meeting to offer advice as to how this process could be undertaken. In addition, Devon Communities Together and East Devon District Council Housing Enabling Team also sent representatives...Read More
March 23

Parish Site Appraisal Reports

23 March 2015 Following the Local Housing Needs Report of August 2014 East Devon District Council together with Devon Communities Together and the local Parish Councils undertook a series of appraisals to identify suitable sites for 6 affordable homes in the four parishes of Farway, Northleigh, Southleigh, Widworthy. Before the site identification exercises were undertaken on the 23 and 24 March 2015 Farway Parish Council decided that they did not wish to have affordable housing..Read More
August 1

Local Housing Needs Report

01 August 2014 In August 2014 following discussions with East Devon District Council, Devon Communities Together (formerly the Community Council of Devon) produced a Local Affordable Housing Need Report reviewing the housing need in the four parishes of Northleigh, Southleigh, Farway and Widworthy. The survey found 6 respondents who met the East Devon District Council connection requirements in housing need who could not afford to buy or rent on the open market. The report made..Read More