CLT Steering Group Meeting – Widworthy Splits Away

16 November 2016

The Geographical boundary and the distinction between the Parishes of Farway, Northleigh and Southleigh in comparison to Widworthy led to a decision been taken by the steering group to form two separate CLTs rather than a single entity for the four parishes.

This decision was supported by Devon Home Choice’s updated Housing Demand need that showed an increase in the Affordable Homes need for the area. The revised figures highlighted 18 homes in total: 7 in Widworthy; 5 in Northleigh; 1 in Southleigh and 5 in Farway.

The founding Board for the Farway, Northleigh and Southleigh CLT was identified as

Willy Rich, Lynsey Skinner, Arthur Stevens and Stephanie Kastner. At the meeting further founder members including Richard Hare and Charlie Worrell volunteered.

At the meeting the Steering group also considered the choice of site from the reports and planning comments made previously. It was felt that the Parish Council site at Chilcombe Field was preferable for development in Northleigh. It was felt that the project could move faster if the land was owned by a willing landowner (the Parish Council) and had already been identified and reviewed.The location of the site and its proximity to Northleigh and Farway centres was seen as advantageous in supporting all three parishes rather than just Northleigh. It was also felt that privately owned sites may be difficult to procure with the typical purchase price for CLT land being less than what many landowners would consider.