CLT Steering Group Meeting – The Upper Coly Valley Community Land Trust

25 January 2017

The meeting agreed that the name of the Community Land Trust for Farway, Northleigh and Southleigh would be the Upper Coly Valley community land Trust. The Draft Heads of Terms for the sale of the site by Northleigh Parish Council to the Community Land Trust had been drafted by the Wessex Community Land Trust Project for review and discussion at the next meeting. It was also  noted that there are covenants on the Chilcombe Field site that would restrict development that would need to be released by East Devon District Council and that Northleigh Parish Council would need to discuss this further with the local authority. It was also noted that Northleigh Parish Coucnil were to obtain a valuation of the site. The recently announced government funding for CLTs was also discussed at the meeting and the approach needed to obtain it. A further article explaining the CLT was proposed for The Link local parishes magazine.