Code of Conduct for Members

Members (General Members and Board Members) are required to uphold this code of conduct and to support the objects of the CLT as set out in the Rules (the governing document of the CLT).

Any member who acts in a way that a reasonable person may conclude that the individual or group responsible acted with the intention of causing or risking causing harm to the CLT or with neglect to the same, whether reputational, financial or of any other nature may risk termination of their membership.

All CLT members, including Board members, have an equal right to attend and participate in meetings free from intimidation. To enable CLT business to progress all members must abide by the following ground rules:

  • All attending the meeting must be treated with respect, even if there are disagreements. This means that members must not speak in a way that may be perceived as bullying, abusive, discriminatory or derogatory.
  • Members must be allowed to have their say and not be interrupted, but must not disproportionately take up time in the meeting if there are others wishing to speak, or to divert the CLT from its business unduly
  • Any conflict of interest should be declared and members must not seek to gain advantage for themselves, their family or their friends
  • Everyone is required to respect the ruling of the Chair, and members could be asked to address all contributions to the Chair.
  • Time available for meetings is finite and so the Chair may impose a time limit on members speaking, and draw the meeting to a close if over-running
  • All members must respect and abide by majority decisions

If ground rules are broken then the Chair may ask the offending member to leave the meeting, or suspend the meeting. The Chair’s decision is final.

All members are requested to adhere to this code of conduct in both meetings and in any written correspondence with other members of the Upper Coly Valley Community Land Trust.