September 2017 Newsletter


The Upper Coly Valley Community Land Trust

Election of the Board

Thank you to all members who attended the Special General Meeting on 9th October 2017 to elect the Board Members for the Upper Coly Valley Community Land Trust. At the following Board Meeting held on 19th October 2017 the Board elected the following posts:

Willy Rich – Chair

Richard Hare – Treasurer

Lynsey Skinner – Secretary

Liam Denny – Communications

Arthur Stevens – Board Member

Stefanie Kastner-Walmsley – Board Member

John Reed – Board Member

Charlie Worrall – Board Member



During the Special General Meeting and in subsequent correspondence received by the board several members raised the issues of the communication and transparency of the activity of the Community Land Trust.

A website is currently under construction which will contain news updates, background to the process, information about the CLT, answers to frequently asked questions and minutes of meetings. You will receive an email once the website goes live. The website address is: If you visit the site at the moment you will see an ‘Under Construction’ Page.


Newsletter Emails

As a member of the Upper Coly Valley Community Land Trust you have also automatically been placed on our subscriber’s email list. You will now also receive regular email updates from Please let us know if you do not want to receive these emails or click the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of this email.


Special General Meeting

The Board is also arranging for a Special General Meeting to be held. The date and venue for this meeting will be announced shortly.


Your Comments and Queries

If you have any questions or comments please email We will try to address any issues either directly or via the content of the website.