The Upper Coly Valley CLT’s Vision

The Upper Coly Valley © Google Maps


The Upper Coly Valley CLT’s Vision

As a nation we are building less than half the homes we need just to keep up with the new households forming each year. Private rents are soaring in many parts of the country and house prices are continuing to rise.  At the same time in other parts of the country there are whole neighbourhoods blighted by empty properties, disinvestment and failed regeneration initiatives. This is hurting communities and, in response, a rising number of communities are deciding to set up Community Land Trusts.

The Upper Coly Valley Community Land Trust was set up in May 2017. This followed on from the preparation of a Local Affordable Housing Needs Report In November 2014 and the identification of potential sites to develop for housing in 2015. A steering group to establish a Community Land Trust was formed in 2016. More detail about the timeline of the project can be found by clicking here.

The community saw that that there is a real lack of affordable homes for young people and families in the villages of Farway, Northleigh and Southleigh, meaning that local people are having to move out of the area they call home.


Taking Control

The setting up of the a local Community Land Trust in the Upper Coly Valley has allowed the community to take control of providing affordable housing in the area by being able to:

  • Maintain or improve the physical, social and economic infrastructure within the Parishes of Farway, Northleigh and Southleigh.
  • Advance education (particularly concerning asset based community development and enterprises with a community or environmental focus);
  • Facilitate community ownership of renewable energy production;
  • Promote and support the arts locally;
  • Function in accordance with the legal definition of a Community Land Trust;
  • Promote and protect local heritage;
  • Hold land in trust for its community.
  • Build new housing in the valley at a timescale established by the community
  • Develop land for housing in the area that would not normally be able to be developed by private developers
  • Build homes that people can afford and will remain affordable for future generations
  • Design and construct housing appropriate to the area
  • Create a positive contribution to the community and environment as a whole
  • Take responsibility and control over the future of our community