What is the Wessex Community Land Trust Project?

The Wessex Community Land Trust Project is supporting communities to establish and develop Community Land Trusts across Somerset, Devon and Dorset. In most cases, the CLT is working with a Housing Association using a form of partnership developed by WCLTP.

WCLTP supports projects for their duration. This support includes advice on site finding and negotiation, on legal structures and legal advisers, on the selection and role of a Housing Association partner, on the facilitation of public meetings and steering group meetings, on model documentation, and on grant applications, project planning, training for CLT members, and networking with other CLTs. As a condition of its original seed-corn grant, WCLTP now recovers its costs from successful projects and carries a caseload of no more than 12 projects in any one programme. Where projects are procured through partnerships, cost recovery is through the HA (as the party with the capital funding).